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Additional Testimonials



“Excellent health care, caring practitioners and reasonable prices. The energy is positive and upbeat and the front desk is helpful with insurance verification….”

– Lilian

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 14, 2019


“Tom is a great chiropractor!!! I’ve been to many so I’d say I’m a chiro expert. Tom is one of the best!! Also love Lilly for massage to target specific problem areas. She is very knowledgeable. Or Samai for an all over body massage.”

– Karrie N.

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 13, 2019


“Where magic happens! Dr Tom is amazing. No one could help my pain for months after the accident and he made it so much butter just in one visit. I now am fully recovered from the injury and still go to dr Tom and his amazing masseuses once in a while to feel great! Office staff is very professional and rooms are clean which is super important to me.”

– User A.

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 13, 2019



“Dr. Tom fixed my back in one treatment. ONE TREATMENT! I I threw out my back two days before seeing him, and couldn’t stand up straight, couldn’t sleep due to throbbing pain and had to buy a cane and back brace to walk. No joke. Dr. Tom did two adjustments, one for my lower back and one for my mid-back, and I literally walked out of his office standing straight up. The staff is extremely friendly, especially Elissa, and they were able to schedule me the day I called within a couple hours. I’d recommend Dr. Tom to anyone seeking IMMEDIATE relief.”

– Chris M.

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 13, 2019


“This place is incredible. I went there with agonizing back pain and Dr. Tom gave me an amazing adjustment. After two sessions I was back to normal. Everyone is so nice and welcoming- I highly recommend this place!!!”

– Ben J.

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 13, 2019


“Kimberly the massage therapist is the best therapist I have ever been to. Dr. Tom is a great chiro. My favorite place to get a body tune up before a busy week. Thank you Pain Relief Center!”

– ShenaniganHop S.

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 13, 2019



“Absolutely fantastic experience overall!! I knew I had some problems with my lower back and shoulders from wrestling in college, but Dr. Tom got all the kinks out. I feel like a million bucks.. I would suggest even just going in for a one hour massage… they are amazing! Great guy too. Such a vibrant and positive personality. I would recommend this chiropractor to anyone that has pain in their body.”

– Joe R.

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 13, 2019


“Dr. Tom is a great chiropractor. As a runner for 38 years, I had a major issue with my hips last weekend to the point that I could not even tie my shoe laces. Dr. Tom’s office was open even on Saturday and was able to alleviate 80 percent of my pain within minutes of my arrival. His healing hands did wonders. In addition, he recommended a massage which took care of the rest of the pain. i have been to many massage therapists. His staff have the knowledge and experience to know what hurts and work on those issues. It was also very impressive to see that the Doctor had communicated to the therapist…”

– Kevin V.

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 13, 2019


“I’ve seen many chiropractors in my day. But never left feeling any different . Tom is the best ! He adjusted my entire body. I’ve been seeing him for months now and I can’t speak highly enough about him and his practice! He’s so honest and genuine and the results speak for themselves ! If you’re dealing with any pain or just want to maintain I would go here ! You absolutely won’t regret it :)”

– Juia P.

Pain Relief Center Los Angeles February 13, 2019




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